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tv   Action News  ABC  January 2, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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>> it happened here in broad daylight a woman attacked and
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sexually assaulted in a parking garage. the efforts of a good samaritan may have helped catch the suspect. thursday night, jim is off. i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" tonight is one woman's new year's nightmare mayor. and for a philadelphia neighborhood a sense of security shattered. this heinous attacked happened 17 and calohill spring guard and cross the street 1 franklin town apartments and around the corner from community college of philadelphia. what's the latest here dann. >> reporter: new year's nightmare indeedch the pen of interest is 32-year-old man frn pittsburgh. he has not been formally charged yet. his name is not released now. they expect to have him charged later tonight for this violent assault that is terrified this neighborhood. >> i'm shocked. it's awful. it seems very safe the times i've been here. >> for some their sense of safety and security is left scattered by braves and tack on
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second level of parking garage before 11 aex and sources say the 33-year-old victim was followed into the basement from the garage and the assailant trapped her forced her to undress and sexually assaulted her. >> a man driving in the garage saw what was happening got out of his car and chased after at sale aunt. police soon beyond the chase and grabbed the suspect on the sidewalk a half wlok away on community college campus. on other side of the fence they found what they believe is a suspect's coat and victim's hat. sources say he was seen discarding them as he ran. crime scene investigators turned the evidence around in a brown back and was taken to the hospital. it's opened by 1 frank lip town apartment. residents were left horrified. >> this is first time this ever happened. i've been working here ten years this is the first it ever happened.
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>> precedent that use the garage daily say they always felt safe until now. >> it's mind boggling crazy good way to start the new year. >> latest development was of a person of interest. the man is expected toing charged later tonight with rain robby and related offenses we're told he boupss back and forth between here and pittsburgh. detectives are crediting them fwor a great bust today. i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> a community came together tonight to mourn a little boy who lost his life in tragic accident with police car. matthew was struck and killed while crossing road on way to sleep-over sunday night. at the sports complex tonight hundreds showed up to support matthew's family with prayers, remembrances and beautiful display of paper lanterns released into the night sky.
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not everyone knew him personally but they say community matters. >> we believe in each other. it's a holiday season and tragic event. we stick together in franklin. >> i have seen matthew play for on the field. and as everyone had extended tonight he was nothing but a big smile always a smile on his face. >> the police officer behind the wheel is on administrative leave. authorities say he was responding to assist call. an investigation will determine if he had light and siren on. matthew mc clause ski will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> crime scene investigators left bensalem home with bags of evidence and no official word how a 23-year-old woman was kill and 11 call this morning reportedself inflicted sun shot wound and autopsy will make final desglition hepatitis a
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square revived tonight as officials alert the public for two more cases possibly connected to original source. "action news" reporter john rawlins tracking new information. joins us liver from ymca, jkr branch on white house mercerville road. >> two confirmed cases in hamilton township one works here at this ymca branch as part time fitness instructor and in addition to ymca in lawrence little and mercer county bored of social informations in trenton and other confirmed patient works hairport salon located south grot in hamilton. >> anyone with unfax associated and visited locations between december 4 and sdes 31 will lead you at least risk for tractor-trailering e sowed p. >> hepatitis a is rarely
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contagious associated with with nausea, headaches and diarrhea. this say continuing story similar to last month. the first confirmed case was worker at rose's popular local restaurant in hamilton. and patrons were urnled to get vaccination. both confirmed cases reported tonight told health officials they had even food from rosa's during the time her restaurant was employed will. health officials cannot say if two new cases are district result of original case. >> again authorities saying if you visited one of those four locations we had at the beginning that the visito there between december 4 and just yesterday december 31 and you're not vaccinated against hepatitis a you should contact your primary car drepingt terror -- live in hamilton township, john rawlins "channel 6 action
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news." >> thank you john, it's a lingering question tonight. what sparked a massive fire at a burlington county business. it took 100 firefighters to battle raging flames at ware hours in mount holly hampered by water fly problems and kux of the century old building is that the niceed to be home to a company. another complication was wooden floors they were soaked in years worth of oil from the machine shop. providing fuel of course for the blaze. the intern fern owe not only destroyed businesses housed there but also melted siding off several businesses across the street. terrifying naindz. >> i was sa frayed because when i got outside from the breeze in the area pieces of fire in the area. >> horrible it was horrible i was terrified all i heard was boom.
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>> on top of it all a homeless shelter at the christian community center now needs other accommodations for the people it serves. cold weather has delaware valley in its grips tonight and ice skateers were bundled in layers columbus boulevard. cold air and wind chills not enough? take a spill open the ice and get double whammy. meteorologist cecily tynan was live outside with the latest for jaern january, right? wilmington 31 and wind gusts 35 miles an hour today. now winds down to 6 miles an hour in philadelphia. gusty in wildwood 14 miles an hour and in poconos you factor in the winds, wind chill makes if feel like 30 in philadelphia and 25 wilmington and 19 in
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allentown. so it's definitely a cool, january night. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry. but if you look to the south and west you can see the moisture building all ahead of low pressure system that will be sliding to the west over the weekend. and that will do two things it will bring us rain and it will let's bring us a one-day smik in temperature. that's what's ahead tomorrow. another nice day. good amount of sunshine it will be maybe a couple degrees warmer than today generally nice. headed to the weekend i'm tracking rain for part of the weekend and then behind that system temperatures really plunging a couple days next week not making it out ever the 20s. talking about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast monica. >> thanks, cecily. >> mum rerz resting and party now that new hampshire year's day and parade and competition was fun. >> the last spectacular serve answersned at the it
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features string bri grade wenches and brigades and entire families make it a year own effort practicing and promising and gold sun rise second day in a road fancy division and murray repeated . ica, as you can mathen that mummery was expected to draw,000 people and it takes a lot of work to put the parade together and a lot of work to take it all down. you can see the crews here working hard to dismantle this year's mummer's day parade.
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the party on chew street rocked and rolled this mummer's party on the one-day year everyone breaks into a strut. before the refling came the hard work. >> the comics fancies and string bands performed outside and for judges at city hall. >> it was wonderful. >> what you expectd it was everything we expects. we loved. it music colors, >> and in the convention septemberer fancy brigade put on their shows with costumes and sets rivaling broadway productions. >> welcoming crowd reaction it's phenomenal reaction around here they raise the bar higher and higher ever year. >> you could tell how much went into it and how much you're giving back to other people. >> i like the costume. >> 114 tradition it started city
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hall and ended at broad and washington. >> this is a tradition going on since 1970. all my family is up there. >> they celebrate their new year's baby liam here too. >> happy birthday to liam. >> the music and mood in the air made even philly's finest want to bust a move with every day citizens and even a city employee began breaking do you know cute to the end of the holiday. many left feeling excited to start 2015. >> happy new year ! >> and you're probably asking yourself when will the mummers begin planning for next year. well many of the mumers we spoke to you tonight say next weekment reporting live in center city annie mccormick "channel 6 action news" monica. >> the hospital welcomed philadelphia's first baby of the
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new year. sophia was born 3:04 and they've been waiting ten years. she's first child for couple and family's first grandchild. open top of that sophia going for 2015 makes it that much sweeter. >> passing of legend and applications. video you have not seen friday apassenger taken open the ferry. >> if you're making new year's resolutions because of her diet. >> you have a resolution to exercise. a fine day tomorrow out doors however a rainy weekend and dramatic swings in temperatures in the accuweather 7 day forecast. >> all right we'll run down new laws for new years in pennsylvania new jersey, delaware plus ducis rogers had a game changer that gets underway when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> recovery teams including u.s. navy ship are scouring java sea tonight for bodies and wreckage after flight 8501. total of nine bodies were found and first identified victim was laid to rest. 153 people still missing and today the search area was sdpanded from about 6,000 nautical miles to more than 13,000. teams are racing trying to find the plane's back black boxes batteries you hospital last another 24 days. >> police in china dismissed sick place now that a deadly tam is period began to cash coupons that looked like money.
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it occurred during the new year's eve celebrations 36 people killed and nearly 50 were injured. some relatives are criticizing chinese authorities for failing to keep order at a popular site. there's a ferry that caught fire in the aid reattic sea. the video as you see shows smoke billowing from the ship and a large number of passengers wearing life jacket. 11 people were killed of the more than 400 on board and a tug began towing damaged ferry towards italy once it arrives authorities want to search for any more possible victims. >> former new york governor mario cuomo died the same day his son was being sworp in. they were together last night for new year's eve. mario cuomo had a heart
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condition and impressive career in politics after finishing high school and finishing three terms as governor of new york. he's survived by his wife and three other children besides andrew. >> constitution requires clerks to issue same sex marriage licenses those four are arping ewing tonight whether today's ruling applies to one county or statewide. but a resolution could come by tuesday when a legal order expires and would allow couples to apply for licenses. >> new year, new laws. for pennsylvanians new gas taxes. the state is collecting a dime more per gal fron gasoline wholesalers that money used to improve crumbling bridges and infrastructure. a call from business troops and it is not clear how much of that tax will be passed to drivers at
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the pum. >> good news traffic is drop oing every all. the cost of regular is $2.55. cheapner south jersey $2.24 and in delaware.38. >> about 176,000 workingers in new jersey just got a raise today with the new year and new minimum wage fwheent effect and rose 13 dronts 8 dollars and new jersey reporters aravd that increase and increases willing tied to consumer price index measure of inflation and higher than federal minimum of 7:28 an hour pennsylvania has and going up to 8:25 this summer. >> from our delaware newsroom mine orders cannot use beds -- tapping beds any more and this
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is under 18 from uv machines and took he effect tld. indoor tanning he ranged as one of greatest preventable process and links to cancer in one people. >> time to get a check of accuweather. cold we expect that in january. >> this is where we should be this time of year. dry, sunny, one more day of that. that is where things began to change. your stormtracker 6 double scan showing you it's rain free out there tonight and pretty enjoyable night to head out for blue cross river range pens landsing and do ice skating as long as you are dretsed for the weather and covered up with hat and gloves. you'll be fine headed out today and today actually right close to where we should be the high 2-d of 42. one are not normal. tl. that's one degree above normal.
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surpriseably level. millville wilmington tren 207b 36 and 26 reading and great breeze makes you feel leak 38 in philadelphia and 25 wilmington and feels like 19 in allentown. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we had a full day of sunshine today with bright blue skies. now you'll notice some hiteing in clouds drifting in from the west. tomorrow, won't be quite as bright and sunny but what are you going to do, good amount of sunshine through the clouds. showing low pressure that brought the snow across the northwest that's moving into texas. this system is beginning to tap into moisture from gulf of mexico and this is what we'll be bringing under the circumstances a soaking rain over the weekend as well as a one-day surge of very warm air. tomorrow, though, it will feel
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like january again 34, high pressure still maintaining control. so any moisture it's being beat up and stretched into the at more piece. >> manuel avila man do it in the morning because in the afternoon that rain moves in. but this low pleasure tracking to the west will be on the warm saturday night. temperatures rising overnight on saturday into sunday. and then sunday is when we get that surge of warm air as well as bulk of moisture. for the next twelve hours it's clear and feeling like january again. again 25 in suburbs and 23 center city and the sdlusive accuweather 7 day forecast for tomorrow a nice day sun was high, thin clouds around 44 saturday and rain moves in in the afternoon and far northwest suburbs around i 78 could begin as period of sleet.
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it will be brief before the changeover to ran. it shouldn't cause major problems. 42 on sunday. a rainy day. look at that temperature. 62 degrees. and then temperatures began to drop monday 39 blustery, on tuesday, snow showers with clipper and 73 degrees and that kuper enters door for two arctic air to flow in wednesday and friday and afternoon highs will leakly not even climb out of the 20th, next week it will be cold elingtd coldest season so far this season. >> we all know in health check there's a difference between fast food and healthy foot. however don't be pulled new research shows little change in new traditional plateshey
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compared it to a decade ago at the fast food eatery almost no different. granted today's fries have
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>> dave skirting bowl games. >> points scored and one half of and in the process a couple things. oregon can indeed play with big boys and/or or and florida state in rose bowl this is the -- unfortunately for knolls it deducts doing extorting. darin carrington in 3rd quarter and he rushes for 62 yards including 23 yard camper. oregon roomps the champs 59-20. >> bam pam and ohio state. buckeyes get back into the game
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before the half after miss direction. he gets a foot in. it's 21 unanswered point by buckeyes they lead now 27-21. we're in the 3rd quarter. >> to eagle if they're inta dead deed close to being super bowl caliber what they doe in the next few months is critical. >> every off surprise is important. oom a big believer that that is when you make the biggest strides as a football team. not only from player procurement standpoint through the draft and free agent but getting players to develop sketch industry that is so important that culture that chip likes to talk about done in the off season. >> still to coming we'll put the sportscast on ice.
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>> flyers got off to a good start and then lost in over time to colorado. three straight losses following three straight wins. they visit carolina tomorrow and help sal is crying to remind positive. >> overall we're not developing ways to whip and ways to lose. if you look at the play can we
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play another team or execution we're not pinpoint accurate but not that bad. >> the winter classic hits d.c. over 42,000 often hand to see blackhawks and capitols tied game under 0 seconds positive play they'll apply the pressure open and washington wins 3-2. that's sports. >> "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 4:30 aex. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers for jim gardner and entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass, make it a good night tonight.
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